Mario Games for Kids – The Reasons Why It Is Regarded the Most Popular One Among Children

Mario games have become the most widely played and liked among the children till now. Whether the kid is boy or a girl, every one loves to play with a small cartoon conquering several quests. By viewing this familiarity, the developers have produced a lot of editions of this Mario games for kids. However, in every versatile version, the character is same but the expeditions are different.

The first version of Mario games for kids was developed in 1981. It was quite simple to play in which this plumber has to save the princess from the turtles. To find the castle, this character has to pass different obstacles like different tortoises and donkey kong, by eating mushrooms which gives him power. This first version achieved astonishing popularity among children and by the passage of time; it became the favorite gaming character. By taking this fame into vision, the developers produced different versions having same concept but now there is ample variation in it. Since that time, over 210 million copies of it have been sold and more than 200 versions of it have been introduced. Even today, it is the mostly played one over internet.

Even now, the introduction of 3d games has not demolished the glare of this 2d game. There are plenty of genres in which this character has been utilized. Now, the developers have produced varied range in it such as Mario golf, Mario tennis, super Mario, paper Mario etc. Moreover, it has also been exploited in other genres like sports, fighting, role-playing, racing and to solve different puzzles. Though there is a varied range in them but still the craving of new one can be seen among the children.

As far as the access to them is concerned, everyone can be obtained easily on internet. Whether the child wants to play golf or want to have racing with his favorite character, he can have access to it easily. Moreover, these are absolutely free and can be played online as well as offline. It means the child can play them whenever he wishes and he needs not to get online over internet.

Along with financial benefit, there are simple mental and physical benefits which these Mario games for kids can give. These are developed by seeing the needs of a child and that’s why they are really simple to play. With the acquaintance of basic controls, the kid uses his intellect to proceed which is really useful for flourishing his mind. Similarly, the use of different strategies allows him to learn different thing to handle certain obstacles. The puzzle teaches him to make analysis intellectually and the sports and racing enhances his competing senses. In each case, the child gets advantages in one way or other and that’s why these Mario games for kids are developed in different genres.

Where to Find the Best Online Games For Kids

Keeping your child occupied during the holidays can prove to be quite a challenge. But when it’s raining or cold outside and it’s time for some indoor activities, there are some great online games which are fun for kids. Online games are also a good option when your getting ready for a special occasion and you don’t want the kids clothes to get dirty while they’re waiting for you. Not much mess can be caused by sitting at the computer.

Check out our top tips for choosing the best online games for your children.

Looking for the right websites

Google is a great way to start searching for online games that are suitable for your child’s age group. You can also find helpful tips and online games on parenting websites and other health and well being portals for parents.

Another great way to find suitable online games for your child is to ask other parents about websites their child might be using for online games. Often school teachers can recommend great online games which are not only fun but educational too. There are many online game websites for kids that are not only educational but free too.

Choosing the correct game for your child to play

It is recommended that you consider your child’s interests and abilities. With so many different types of games available, you are sure to find something that will interest them. Sit with your child and search together if possible and look into different styles of games that they are interested in.

Print off activities you can get from the Internet

There are some excellent games that can be printed off from the Internet. These games can be board games and other puzzles and brainteasers. Often websites that sell childrens clothing also have printable activities for kids such as colouring in images. These are a great idea if you will need to be in another room while your child is playing and you cannot monitor the computer. It’s also useful if you are going to be somewhere that they will have to wait. You can bring some pencils and print-outs to keep them occupied.

Word of caution about monitoring your child when on the computer by themselves

The most important thing about online games for kids is that you test out the game prior to them using it and make sure you can check on them whilst they are on the computer. Online games often have pop ups which can direct your child to a different site with the click of a button.

There is a software which can be used to stop the likely hood of this happening but it’s always a good idea to have the computer in plain site so you can see what your child is doing.

Apart from safety the main thing is to have fun, and let your child enjoy all the fun games that the Internet has to offer. I hope our tips will help you find online games which are engaging and educational for your child.

Some sites that you can take a look at include:
This is a great site that is produced and run by the Australian Broadcasting Channel (ABC). You can sign up for free and play quite a few games. If your child is enjoying playing the games, then you can buy a subscription. This site is great for the preschoolers through to first grade kids.
A great site for the kids that are going through kindergarten or prep. Each school has a different way of teaching kids new words, so why not use SpellingCity to make up your own game. You can print off the activity sheets and use these when kids are stuck inside.

Online Games for Children

I can remember when I was growing up; I would spend sometimes a good part of my small allowance on video games at the arcade. From “Pong,” to “Street Fighter,” there were so many ways to spend my money it was incredible how I saved anything. However, somewhere in the dust of time, the video arcades lost steam in the local malls, and stores.

Some stores still carried “Pac Man” and different memorable games in the early 1990’s but by then I was in the middle of my career, and really had not thought much of them. I suppose kids lost interest in spending money on them as well. Though I should tell you that there were really some awesome video games that could not be competed with no matter how hard they tried. It is because now in the early part of the 21st century, they have games that you buy at the store, but we already know that. The history is still in my mind though.

The larger market in video games usually goes to kids and teens with Nintendo, Game Boy, PSP, and other top brands of video games. All the kids now either have one, or have a friend that has something of a video game to play while at home.

What do the younger children have to play with? Well, if you have a computer and an internet connection there is a good possibility with many sites, and it is possible to find games. Now there are games that you younger kids can sink their teeth into, (assuming they have them developed by now), I am talking about games that a 2-6 year old can play, and interact with as they learn.

There are many websites which was created just for small people… young children who are just beginning to learn how fun learning can be. On these sites you can find online games for children, learning games, puzzles for small kids, online coloring for child, games for toddlers and many other games. This kind of the games challenges the intellect of your child at his development, and helps him learn easier and more fun.

15-20 minutes a day may help improve your child’s education over time. These kinds of games are helpful for positive creative thinking and allow problem-solving activity to form in their minds. It’s fun, easy, and challenging at the same time.

Online Educational Learning Games for Kids

Is your kid super-talented? Does well in academics, or co-curricular activities? Are you worried that with the inclining cost of premier and simple education, you’ll be unable to give your genius of a kid a financial backing? All of us, parents, want to give our children the right platform to nurture and showcase their abilities and secure their future and online scholarships are one of the best means to fund your little all-rounder’s education, or talent and give him a head start in life.

Whether you have a kid who’s doing well in academics, a co-curricular activity, sports, or is an all-rounder, scholarships can be like a virtual helping hand that lets you cover a huge portion of the required investment for the field. Unlike loans, scholarships for your kid do not require payback in any form. If he or she is talented in that particular field, online scholarships can help solve your issue. And, if you have a kid who is a genius, can handle a long-term preparation process, and you want to secure monetary backing, you should go in for an online scholarship today.

An interesting teaching and learning activity that has been recently highlighted are the online games! This is the new way of learning that most kids are often attracted to and don’t mind spending the time to learn and develop skills through these games.

Having said that, online games meant for educational and learning purposes can have a drastic effect on the Child experts have identified the benefits of online educational games are mentioned here – Video games give your child’s brain a real workout. In many video games, the skills required to win involve abstract and high level thinking. These skills are not even taught at school and mostly can’t be unless the situation arises.

This process requires a great deal of eye-hand coordination and visual-spatial ability to be successful. Research also suggests that people can learn iconic, spatial, and visual attention skills from video games. There have been even studies with adults showing that experiences with video games are related to better surgical skills.

Resource management and logistics. The player learns to manage resources that are limited, and decide the best use of resources, the same way as in real life. These strategy games also helps device a strategy that is best suited for the situation.

Apart from these, online games help the child develop teamwork and cooperation when played with others – many games are played online and involve cooperation with other online players in order to win. Thus, online games have proven to be powerful contributing factors to a child’s development.

Old Fashioned Outdoor Games For Kids

Normally, games for kids can either be indoors or outdoors. From their names, indoor games refer to the games that can be played inside the house that do not really require the kids to physically active while outdoor games are the games that are of the complete opposite. At present, because of the technology advancements like computers and play stations, many kids do not pay attention to the traditional outdoor games. They prefer to stay inside the house or anywhere else playing with the computer or other gadgets. A lot of things have really changed nowadays on how things are done and this is because of the rapid technology advancement. This isn’t really bad but there are some changes that eliminate the benefits that the traditional things offer.

These games are evidently very beneficial for kids because these games help in their growth and development. Old fashioned outdoor games like hide and seek, tag you’re it, kick ball, red light green light and other games can improve their thinking skills. They will be able to come up with the appropriate strategies so that they will be able to win the game. Their minds will be able to think fast and interactively. This will enhance the problem solving skills of the kids which is really great. Although there are indoor games, online games in particular that can also improve the skills of the kids, most online games are designed to be very easy that they only require less effort for a child to become an expert on the such games.

Old fashioned outdoor games also offer some benefits when talking about the physical aspect of kids. Aside from the fact that kids will definitely have fun and enjoy while playing, it is also a form of physical exercise that can really be good for their body. Because these games require kids to be very physically active, they are able to stretch their muscles and bones. Kids will never enjoy this particular benefit if they are only going to play indoor and online games. Even for adults, these games also offer the same benefit. And of course, these games will also improve the social aspect of the kids. When they are playing, they will be able to make new friends and talk to other kids that they have not yet known. Then they would be able to know their personalities and how to adjust to them. They would be aware that there are many types of people in the world.

However, although traditional outdoor games have several benefits to offer, this does not mean that you have to limit your child to playing such games. Indoor games even online games also have some benefits to offer to your child and these benefits may be different from the benefits that outdoor games offer. Therefore, if possible, proper balance should be maintained between outdoor games and indoor games. Every once in a while, you should allow your child to play some indoor games and outdoor games with his/her friends.